Why Work For Us

Windsor House Nannies was founded by two nannies with a combined 29 years of child care experience. We have worked for many families and facilities caring for and educating a large number of children from all walks of life. Our greatest love and achievements are the children we have cared for, and we understand the privilege and respect that a nanny deserves. As a nanny affiliated with Windsor House Nannies we endeavor to offer support, encouraging your growth and further training. We will stand behind you and seek out positions worthy of your experience and skill sets. We want you to feel appreciated and respected from us and the families you work for. Thanks to your education, extensive experience, positive references and reliability, we believe we can market you to our clients - clients that desire a high quality nanny or sitter and, like us, appreciate the value of a Windsor House Nanny.


The Windsor House Difference

Ongoing support and advice

We are available and here for you. We will negotiate and re-negotiate with prospective clients until both parties are satisfied.

Higher paid positions

We offer the highest paid babysitting fees of any agency in Austin. How? We take significantly less. Why? So you can receive the pay you deserve.

Support to further your education

The more credentials you have, the better prepared you are and the stronger right you have to a higher wage. We will help you get to where you want to be in your career.

Simple and quick communication

We text message our nannies about jobs. Why? Because its faster, simpler and easier.

• We believe our success is built off your success and so we want to provide the best support to our nannies. We provide ongoing support because it is vital. As nannies we understand job duties and responsibilities can change after a work agreement has been signed. As a Windsor House member it is a requirement to report all modifications to the work agreement so we can re-negotiate your wage. If you get given more responsibility at an office your pay increases, we believe it should be the same for our nannies. Sometimes it can be intimidating or awkward to bring up this subject and that’s why we take it on as our job.

• Why a higher pay? Because this will ensure our retention of the most professional, educated and responsible nannies in the area creating the most professional team for our Austin families. Plus, you’re the ones going and doing the majority of the work. Going to a house with a family you have never met before can be extremely daunting; it deserves a higher wage.

• We assist and encourage you to seek out ongoing training and education in the field of childcare because it will not only provide the best nannies to our families but it will create a less stressful job for you. Knowledge is the key to success and will ensure you are providing the best environment to the children within your care. Higher credentials also demand higher pay.

• We communicate with you by text message because when we asked our nannies what method of communication they preferred they all voted text messaging. You get our job postings faster and easier and can respond quicker. We want this process to be as easy for you as possible.


Our process

To become a Windsor House Nanny simply click on the Apply Here tab to start the process. Fill out the form and our Director of Nanny Services will contact you if your resume holds two or more years of professional child care experience. We will arrange a time to meet with you so we can find out exactly what you are looking for in terms of employment. If we think we can help you find the job position you want and deserve we will contact your references and set you up for background screening. Upon completion you will be invited to a Windsor House Induction day with tea, cakes, scones and cucumber sandwiches so we can all become better acquainted. Upon completion of our Induction day you are ready to be matched with families in Austin.

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