22Jun, 2016

Car Seat Safety – Nanny Guidelines

As a nanny for over eight years, the safety of my charges has always been paramount.  This safety was always heavily concentrated for me when transporting children.  After transporting children for all of those years, fitting car seats and buckling children into a car became second nature.  When you do something enough times, you find yourself […]

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23May, 2016

‘Happy Birthdays’, an Austin based charity worth your consideration.

Last year we met a fabulous woman by the name of Suzanne Gladden. She is the founder and executive director of ‘Happy Birthdays’. ‘Happy Birthdays’ is a wonderful non-profit organization that brings birthday joy to as many children as possible – children that ordinarily would not get to fully celebrate a birthday. It was originally […]

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28Feb, 2016

Agency V’s Online Nanny Finder Services

When it comes to childcare it is tricky to decide what the best fit for your family is, taking into consideration your daily routines, work and school schedules, and most importantly, what will work best for your child.   Many families decide on a nanny as their childcare option.  They find that the in-home tailored […]

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22Jan, 2016

Picking your Perfect Poppins

When interviewing a prospective nanny there are a few things you should keep and mind. Most importantly, you want a qualified nanny who has the years of experience necessary to make them the best nanny.  Additionally, you must consider the type of experience this nanny has had. What are the environments in which the nanny […]

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22Dec, 2015

A Natural Remedy to Getting Sick?

I am going to share with you my recent experience with Manuka honey, also known as New Zealand’s ‘Liquid Gold’. It is known to contain antibacterial properties that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as treat wound infections and other conditions. WHAT?!! That’s right – medicinal honey! I first stumbled across this […]

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